Japanese Music from the KPFK Archives

The works listed below were originally broadcast on KPFK, Radio Pacifica, in 1963. KPFK taped all of their programs on reel-to-reel tape. The tapes from which these dubs were made were recently discovered in the collection of Ron Sappington, of Clairmont, CA, who made them available to the world.

The standard text below is from the original tape boxes. The italicized text is our commentary.

Evenings on the Roof

Shakuhachi Music
Katsumasa Takasago, who now lives in Sausalito, recorded these interesting bamboo flute melodies and sounds in a Zen temple.
Broadcast on KPFK, September 8, 1963

Shomyo Chant
The ancient chant still used by two Zen sects in Japan is discussed with Will Ogden and a Japanese recently arrived in America, Katsumasa Takasago. Examples taped by Mr. Katsumasa in Japan are presented.

NOTE: The tape for this broadcast was in bad shape and broke twice during the transfer to disk. The three pieces (A-B-C) will therefore have a few seconds missing in the interstices.

Broadcast on KPFK on April 21, 1963

Broadcast on KPFK on April 28, 1963

These recordings are made availble through the work of Ron Sappington, Rachel Rudich, and Ed Heckerman.