Bolex Light Optical Bench

This is a support for the Bolex H series cameras.
(Bolex code SUTEL)
It allows the user to shoot with extremely long lenses or a mattbox,
do title work, and macro-cinematography.

Although this "bench" is designed for Bolex cameras, it could easily be used
with any camera that is the same distance, or shorter, than Bolex from the
tripod mount base to the centerline of the film gate. Taller cameras would
not work, but there are few, if any cameras that are taller than a Bolex.

The Manual

Images from the manual

Used to shoot titles

Lens support w/light meter

Macro cinematography

Long lens support

Photos of the equipment

Top view of railbed

Side view of railbed

Lens clamp

Macro & matbox support / title holder

Extenstion support - top

Extenstion support - side

Light meter attachment - front

Light meter attachment - top

Camera mounting handscrew

Matt box suport - one view

Matt box suport - another view