Archive of Movie Camera & Projector Manuals Over the years I've collected a few manuals along and aside from the cameras I've gotten my hands on. When I get time, and the spirit moves me, I scan the manuals and put them here.

If you find anything in these pages that needs my attention - missing pages, bad scans, insufficient detail, etc - please send mail to and let me know.


Keystone A-7 16mm Movie Camera Keystone K-32 8mm Movie Camera Manual
Kodak Kodascope Model D 16mm Projector Revere 16mm Magazine Turret Camera
Simplex Pockette 16mm Movie Camera Manual Victor Model 3 16mm Cine' Camera
Beaulieu R16 Electric Camera Manual Beaulieu R16 "Automatic" Camera Namual
Duplikin IV

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