Shakuhachi Mailing List
Statement of Purpose

The mailing list "" is a place for the discussion of any shakuhachi-related topic. Possible discussions could include concert announcements (like the kind that Monty sends out now), used instruments for sale or trade, queries about teachers, pointers to useful new websites, etc.

To send mail to the list, just send it to All mail sent to the list will be automatically distributed.

The list is manually maintained, so there are no listserv-type options - things like help or index. Instead to subscribe or unsubscribe from the list or for information send mail to

There is an archive of the mailing list traffic and related items at:

New subscribers are encouraged to send a short intro/bio to the list, so the larger community maintains a sense of its members. Those biographies are in this archive.

Please advertise the list to anyone online who might be interested.

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