BJ's Film Camera Book Archive

This is an archive of old movie camera manuals. The archive came about becuase I managed to get a couple of cameras with the manuals, and I also got a couple of manuals without cameras. I figured that the archive would be of interest to other movie camera buffs.


Movie Camera & Projector Manuals

The images in this archive (aside from those on this page) are scanned full-size at at about 172dpi. This makes for some large files and long download times at modem speeds. I thought about scanning them at lower a resolution but I figure that most folks who need the manual need the detail that the larger, more dense scans provide.

Keystone A-7 16mm Movie Camera Keystone K-32 8mm Movie Camera Manual
Kodak Kodascope Model D 16mm Projector Revere 16mm Magazine Turret Camera
Early Victor Model 3 16mm Cine' Camera Late Victor Model 3 16mm Cine' Camera
Beaulieu R16 Electric Camera Manual Beaulieu R16 "Automatic" Camera Namual
Simplex Pockette 16mm Movie Camera Manual Duplikin IV

Bruce Jones