I retired from UCSD in June of 2012. When I did, I surrendered my access to the Communication Department server.

I moved all the files from UCSD to my domain

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Bruce Jones' Home Page

Real Life

My photo, taken in Ventura CA, in 1997 (not that I've changed much since then).

Present Circumstances
(Present in the sense of "that's what I was about the last time I had time to edit this page." Check the date at the bottom of this page to see when "Present' actually was).

(cf. caution above under "Present Circumstances")

Some of my other interests, and those of friends:

My collection of Movie Cameras.
The Shakuhachi Mailing List Archives: the music in my life.
Our Kids
Observations on Life and Living, a collection of Zen poetry, quotations, koan, etc..

Good Books:
Happiness:A Physician/Biologist Looks at Life
by Joseph N. Abraham, MD

The Shakuhachi Career of Peter Hill's Shakuhachi for Sale

Three Barbarian Bamboo-ists

Some shakuhachi I have for sale

A huge collection of Cine Cameras


Make Your Own Website: Stragtegies for Web Page Design - A Workshop for the Fifth Annual District-wide Staff Development Conference, Sweetwater Union High School District, Literacy Builds Futures, "You Provide the Tools", May 1, 1998, La Jolla Ca.

(Former) Editor of the (now-defunct) UCSD Communication Department newsletter, ComNotes.

Editor: The Red Mirror: Children of China's Cultural Revolution by Chihua Wen (Boulder, Colorado: Westview Press, 1995).

Productions Made in Japan: Bow Gamelon at the Suzuki International Theatre Festival, (video), Japan Performing Arts Center, Togamura, Japan (c) 1988. Producer, director, cameraman, editor, key grip, best boy, and head flunky.


Critical Computer Literacy: An Investigation into Terms and Conditions.

An Ethnography of the Usenet Computer Network
Proposal for a Dissertation in Communication - May 6, 1991.

Usenet History Archive

Lectures and Online Stuff

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