Bruce Jones' Unix Primer

NOTE: The files in this archive have not been completely worked over with an editor. They originated as MS Word docs on a Mac, and were dumped here using the process described in the "MS Word to HTML" document below. As such, there are minor problems with the html because the rtftohtml program isn't 100% Level II compliant.

But then who is?

I really hate this machine
and wish that they would sell it.
It never does quite what I want
but only what I tell it.

Special Documents for CommHIP 116 / Psych 128 / HD 135
Creating Fieldnotes using the "pico" editor
Mailing Fieldnotes Files
General Purpose Unix Instructions:
Unix New User's Doc
Unix Shell Commands
Creating a file with "cat"
Unix Mail Document
The Unix "vi" Editor
The "ed" editor
Creating Annotated Bibliographies on Weber with melvyl
Working from a Remote Computer:
Printing Mail Messages at Home or in a Mac Lab
Saving Electronic Mail to Mac Disks/Files
Printing mail messages or Unix files on a UCSD line printer
File Transfers:
Fetch: transferring MS Word files to Unix machines
Kermit: Unix to Mac
Kermit: Mac to Unix
FTP: Mac to Unix
FTP: Unix to Mac (mail)
FTP: Unix to Mac (pine)
Other Stuff:
Rich Text Format (RTF) Document Transfers
Converting MS Word Documents to HTML
Maintaining Web Pages without Having to Use a Unix Editor

(c)Copyright 1985, 1996 by Bruce Jones
Anyone is free to reproduce any of these documents in their entirety or parts thereof providing:
  1. Sections used are reproduced entirely and without alteration
  2. The following page footer is reproduced on each page:
    BJ's UNIX Primer - (c) Bruce Jones - 1985, 1996
  3. Full credit is noted somewhere in the reproduction
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