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A meditative state in which perception is utterly free of discrimination between mind and matter, self and object; where the only permanence is impermanence; and change, whether subtle or violent, remains the essence of being.
- Sam Hamill

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    Lists of shakuhachi music

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    List of Honkyoku on Jin Nyodo CDs and LP set.
    Titles in the Jin Nyodo notation set
    This page has a bit of Jin Nyodo's notation: specifically the first "page" of Mujushin Kyoku, Jin's own composition, along side a list of the titles for the 50 pieces of honkyoku and the one sutra that opens the set.
    Kawase Published Notation
    Tozan Published Notation
    List of Honkyoku on Goro Yamaguchi CDs and in the accompanying notation book.
    Honkyoku and Sankyoku - Ronnie Seldin

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